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Our story

Hello LOL Believers! So happy you found us! Created in 2011, Lori's Original Lemonade was born from a recipe in Lori's kitchen, one that she made for her kids lemonade stand in Ojai years ago.  With growing college debt for her three kids, and losing her part time job, Lori decided to contribute by commercially bottling her signature Lavender Lemonade. Lori's mission is to provide the best tasting organic lemonade using local ingredients whenever possible. Now, you can find Lori's Lemonades in 10 states! After winning numerous awards for her lemonades and herself, Lori hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams and know that everything is possible. Now, only 3 months away from paying off the loans her and her husband took out to help their kids through college, she is on a mission to to serve you, your friends and family the most delicious, organic lemonade one bottle at a time.

Our Mission: Create the most delicious, organic lemonades for you, your friends and family to share. A family-friendly caring brand, flavored from the heart.

Thank you for your continued support of our mission one bottle at a time.

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